Magnum Wannbes

Most of us have meet one. Maybe you are one?
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Micheal Night with Devon Miles The shadowy world of Micheal Night.

Micheal sports a nice open top leather jacket showing he's a real man with hair on his chest, a man who's not afraid to pose with his sugar daddy.

He's only one whisker away from wearing a gimp mask here, but there's no Magnum style MEaN-mEATTM to display at the oldboys club ball to speak of.

Devon struggles with this obvious lacking, oh he puts up a good show, stiff upper lip and all that, but on the inside he's a broken man, longing for the magnificent beast that is Thomas Sullivan Magnum.

Magnum Wannabe Reno Raines from the 90's television series Renegade, also known as Rentagay, seen here sitting on a rusty old shit heap. Even with the cars headlight drawing your eye to his pelvic region there nothing to see here.
Face it Reno, your long hair and open shirt are no match for Magnum's Bulge.

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