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Welcome to Magnum's Bulge!
A site solely dedicated to the eighties sensation Magnum's Bulge from the television series Magnum P.I.

The eighties has a lot to answer for fashion wise, including among other things, Ball Crusher Jeans and Stubbies Shorts.
If you were really cool you'd have a rip just under your arse in your jeans so the trashy eighties leg warmer wearing chics could get a glimpse of your swanky eighties underwear, if you even wore any that is.

But, on the other hand, if it wasn't for such eighties fashion faux pas we wouldn't have been given the gift of seeing Magnum's Meat and Potatoes trying to escape their sweaty prison as he was bounding across our television screens chasing bad guys or swooning the Island chics.

Magnum's Bulge hypnotized us for a massive 162 episodes over 8 seasons spanning 8 years from 1981 to 1988 before the tight jeans and shorts out lived their heyday in the television/fashion industries and Magnum's Bulge was tucked neatly away in baggy slacks never to be seen again except in the odd rerun on daytime television in a bid to satisfy bored house wives.

Yep, even if you didn't like Magnum P.I. you had to admit Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV was certainly a man's man, or maybe even a horse's man (as in hung like a... for you slow types out there).
I doubt any of us will be able to forget the magic gravitational pull of Magnum's Bulge, and if you have then this web site should mess you up good and proper.
Enjoy your visit ;)

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